This is an attempted list of the marginally significant projects that I’ve worked on since I started the blog. I’ve gone through all of my posts and added tags for each project, so each of these should link to the build process.


Nightstand: A slightly Krenov-inspired nightstand/side table in beech.

Nightstands v2: Matching nightstands.

Stool: A step stool made from beech. For reachin’ stuff when you’re short.

Bookshelf: A small prototype bookshelf made from yellow-poplar.

Bookshelf 2: A tall bookshelf made from yellow-poplar.


Shoe Rack: A shoe rack made from (probably) a fir of some type. Lots of mortise-and-tenon joints in this thing.


Crepe Spreader: A quickie for a friend.

First Box: This is the first dovetailed box I ever made.

Tools and Related Items

Frame Saw: A medium-sized frame saw intended for resawing wood. This thing works but I always seem to be tweaking it.

Saw Till: Obligatory galoot project; you have to store your saws somewhere.

Tool Cabinet: Needed to put some other tools somewhere.

Saws- Rip Panel, Apple Handle 1, Cherry Handle 1, Tenon 1, Jackson: A bunch of saws and handles I’ve made.

Scrub Plane: A wooden scrub plane for hogging wood quickly during the milling process.

Workbench: Had to build one to get somewhat serious.