Workbench v2: Another Wood Installment

So, what’s been happening with the new workbench? Not much, because I needed more wood, so I’ve instead been dorking around the shop, cleaning things, and rehabbing old tools.

Last Sunday, I got the next installment of wood, and I now have all of the legs and half of the stretchers milled out:

That was the easy part. The task ahead of me is considerably tougher:

Those are two 6.5′ 4x14s that will somehow comprise the top in the end. I really have only the faintest idea on how I’m going to support these things as I’m ripping and sizing them. I suppose I could finally make some sawbenches.

And, of course, I have to glue them up. Yay.

2 thoughts on “Workbench v2: Another Wood Installment

    • Nah, I’ll glue it up good and solid. That task probably won’t be so bad because only one of the pieces will be large–the benchtop is going to be considerably narrower than 28″. I haven’t quite decided what yet, though.

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